Is a PMP certification worth it?

What is a PMP Certification Worth?

When deciding whether to pursue PMP certification one of the big questions is: How much is it really worth? The answer: 20 percent of your salary. That represents a considerate jump in salary. Now, there are several variables, which we’ll explain below.

We gathered salary information for project managers from a broad range of companies including: PMI, PayScale, Glassdoor, Indeed, Salary.com, Monster, Career builder. The chart shows the salary ranges that a PMP project manager can expect to make, by location.

According to PayScale, Project Managers in Information Technology earn between $88,120-$149,195 while Project Managers in Engineering earn between $67,629-$139,597.  Meanwhile, the average salary for an MBA graduate is $99,625.

You can take a PMP certification exam preparation training class for less than $2,000 and the entire process for less than $2,500.  In less than three months, you could become PMP certified.  However, it takes 18-24 months and between $60,000-$200,000 to earn an MBA.

PMP$2,5003 months$111,135
MBA$100,00021 months$99,625

Financially prudent professionals who invest wisely in their career education may consider a PMP certification to be a far better option with significantly higher returns on investment (ROI) than an MBA.

There are over 13,000 job openings on Linkedin for professionals with a PMP certification.  The top cities hiring for PMP certified professionals include:

CityJob OpeningsPMP Certification Training
Washington DC1420PMP Certification Training in Washington DC
New York813PMP Certification Training in New York
San Francisco534PMP Certification Training in San Francisco
Chicago362PMP Certification Training in Chicago
Boston334PMP Certification Training in Boston
Dallas333PMP Certification Training in Dallas
Atlanta326PMP Certification Training in Atlanta
Seattle277PMP Certification Training in Seattle
Denver184PMP Certification Training in Denver
Houston148PMP Certification Training in Houston
Phoenix138PMP Certification Training in Phoenix
Austin127PMP Certification Training in Austin


In conclusion, given the intense competition in the workplace, PMP Certification is extremely beneficial. Becoming PMP certified sets the standard and quickly highlights your ability and experience. The PMP Credential is specifically designed to be an unbiased endorsement of your experience, competence and ability to leading project teams.  If you’re a project manager with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience and you want to solidify your skills, stand out among your peers, as well as maximize your career security and earning potential, then attending our PMP Boot Camp is the right choice.