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PMP Certification is recognized globally, making it one of the best educational investments in your career. The potential benefits of earning your Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification are clear: a higher salary, greater job security, and expanded career options. Once you’ve determined that PMP Certification is the next step in your career, your questions turn from “Should I do it?” to “How do I do it?”

The Project Management Institute (PMI) doesn’t try to hide the truth about the degree of difficulty required to pass PMP Certification exam: it’s a tough test, and many high-achieving project managers walk away from it with a failing score. They’re not failing because they didn’t care or didn’t see the value in preparing. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you commit to exam prep: if you don’t know what to study, achieving a passing score is highly unlikely.

Generally accepted statistics hold that only about 50% of those who begin preparation for the PMP exam even take it. With a registration rate so significantly culled, you might expect that only the overwhelmingly prepared would ultimately sit for the exam and the pass rate would be very high. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The overall first time pass rate is right around 40%. 

So why do so many experienced and successful project managers end up failing an exam in their area of (proven) expertise? For the same reason that some of the best guitarists of all time, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, would fail an assessment of their music reading abilities. No list of the world’s best guitarists omits these men, yet none of them can read music.  Their talent and skills were honed with practice rather than instruction, as is often the case for project managers who reach the top of their field through on-the-job experience rather than classroom instruction. 

You don’t do your job by reading a situational question and picking from among the available answers, so applying your real-world project management experience to the PMP exam can be a significant challenge. For project managers looking for a way to overcome this obstacle, a PMP Certification Boot Camp, like the 4-day intensive offered by The Project Management Excellent Center, provides a practical, streamlined solution. 

What is a PMP Certification Boot Camp?

Our PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving your PMP certification. This comprehensive course covers every subject that you need to know to pass the exam, as well as in depth test taking strategies. For example, you will spend time learning about the core concepts of the project management framework and advanced methods of risk management. During the course, you will take realistic mock exams. Taking several mock practice exams will help prepare you for the real exam. You will experience less stress during the final exam when you know what to expect.

Who Should Consider a PMP Boot Camp?

Before you can sit for the PMP exam, you need to meet PMI’s PMP Certification Requirements. This means you will have to be established enough in a project management role to have at least three and, in s0me cases, as many as five years of experience. For many potential candidates, this means when once you’re qualified to pursue certification, you also have a lot going on in your lives: families who rely on you, demanding jobs that require your focus, toddlers experimenting with a nocturnal lifestyle, or…well, you get it. For many PMP applicants, plans to self-study turn into plans to self-study tomorrow, or next month, or next year.

A full life isn’t the only challenge that many applicants come up against. While some are blessed with the time and motivation for self-study, many others find their learning is ungrounded and incomplete without the benefits that come from instructor-led learning and discussion.

PMP Boot Camp Benefits

Enrolling in a PMP Boot Camp is part of a complete PMP Exam Prep plan–there aren’t any shortcuts to passing. Candidates who commit to a program of self-study to complement the in-class materials will gain everything they need to confidently schedule their exam and pass on the first try.

Explore the common student scenarios below to see how PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp can help you.

I’m studying, but I feel like I’m not retaining the information.Our 4-day PMP Boot Camp gives you more than mere exposure to the fundamentals and concepts on the test. Throughout the course, you’ll talk through the concepts and situations with your instructor and peers so you can ground your learning and recall it when you need it.

I bought the test prep materials, but I can’t seem to stay focused when I try to study.Many an enthusiastic applicant has been struck down by the jargon-heavy style of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Interacting with an expert instructor who can translate the language into practical terms helps to ensure you grasp the content and lets you test your understanding.Studying with a group of your peers in a classroom environment can also help build and maintain your motivation for the exam. It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus when you’re alone at your desk with a book. Studying with others who share your goals can help keep you accountable and sustain or stimulate determination.

I’ve been a project manager for years but, after looking over the study materials, I’ve realized I don’t know how to connect what I know with the foundations and principles in the PMBOK Guide.Your years of practical experience are the most valuable thing you bring to your role. Without them, you wouldn’t be qualified to sit for the PMP exam in the first place. Distilling what you know from doing into the foundations and principles on the PMP exam, however, can challenge even the most experienced project managers.Your PMP Boot Camp Instructor will help you connect your experience to the exam materials, putting what you’ve learned on the job into context so you can apply it on the exam.

I’ve been studying for months and still don’t know if I’m ready for this exam.Your PMP Certified trainer is an expert not only in the training materials but also in exam readiness. Every student who enrolls in and completes the Project Management Excellence Center PMP Boot Camp receives one-on-one guidance from their trainer and an individualized learning plan based on their current proficiency.

I have a family and a full-time job. I’d planned to study at home after work, but I’m too exhausted by the end of the day to make it happen.It doesn’t matter what you’re preparing for; one thing is always true: it’s easier to plan it than to do it. When you spend your days making crucial decisions, your well-laid plans often fall victim to diminished self-discipline by nightfall. Sure, you know you should be studying, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to summon the motivation to do it night after night.An accelerated in-person PMP Boot Camp takes the temptation to postpone test prep off of the table and, instead, gives you space to immerse yourself in the materials. It also removes the distractions of your everyday life so you can fully focus your time and attention on the coursework and be exam-ready in less time than if you’d studied on your own.

Why choose us for your PMP Training?

We blend proven learning concepts with simple memorization techniques to make sure you are able to keep the vast amount of information we cover organized and memorable. We start working the day you contact us. If you need assistance with your eligibility application, or questions related to our pre-course study guide, we are here to help!

After attending our four day boot camp class, you will pass the Project Management Certification Exam on your First Attempt. Guaranteed.

Here are a few more key reasons to join our class.

  1. Experience: Our team of seasoned instructors is among the largest in the country with notable Project Management experience. They are experienced trainers who employ proven adult learning practices and straightforward internalization techniques to build engagement, motivation, and increase recall.
  2. Thought leadership: Our Courses have been uniquely developed to ensure a high degree of correlation between the subject matter and the proficiency examinations. Our Courses use problem-based and collaborative approaches to learning. We emphasize more equality and connection between the instructor and learner.
  3. Proven Results: Our PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp gets you ready Faster, Better and with More Support along the way. 98% of our students pass the exam the First Time they take it.
  4. Firm Course Dates: When you register for one of our classes, you are guaranteed it will run as scheduled. You can focus on your training and certification, and not worry about cancellations or delays.
  5. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We know your PMP certification training is an important milestone in your career. We understand the value you place in spending your time and money wisely. That’s why we back up all of our courses with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’ve looked at even one other PMP Boot Camp website, you know that a money-back guarantee is a standard fare for courses like this. All guarantees are not created equal, though. We don’t want to hide small print behind big promises: we want you to know, precisely, what our guarantee does and doesn’t cover so you can make an informed decision. Our commitment to you is simple. If you:
    1. attend the entire PMP Boot Camp, and
    2. sit for the exam within six months of completing the course, and
    3. fail the test
      1. Then we will:
      2. perform an in-depth analysis of your PMP Exam Score Report, and
      3. provide you with a customized study plan, and
      4. Arrange for coaching and support from a dedicated instructor through online tutoring, phone, and virtual meetings as well as email support
    4. If you do not pass your certification exam in three attempts, we will refund your entire course tuition. No hoops, no exceptions.  All we ask is that you study hard and take advantage of the extensive PMP Exam prep materials and study aids we provide.


Here’s What our Students Say About Us:

I wanted to take a moment to pass along that I sat for the PMP exam yesterday. I was able to pass the exam. Thank you for your help in the prep course. I would not have passed without that course and what you taught me. 

- Robert R.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam this morning. Thanks for your help. I could not have passed without the class.

- Jeremy H.

PMP Prep Course Modules

Professional and Social Responsibility

Though this section isn’t in the PMBOK Guide, professional and social responsibility underlie all of the areas that it covers, and students will need to understand them to grasp the material thoroughly. PMP Exam applicants are also required to read the PMI code of ethics as part of the application process, so your instructor will cover this topic first.

Project Management Framework

Section two parallels chapters 1 and 2 of the PMBOK Guide, covering the basic framework, foundational elements, competencies, and standards.  

Project Management Processes

The third module aligns with chapter 3 of the PMBOK Guide. This module covers topics such as project management processes, project and product life cycles, and ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, & and Output).

Intro to Integration Management

This short session covers project selection and includes several exercises that ground students’ learning on creative planning and project measurement methods, as well as mathematical and economic project selection models. 

Unlike the full modules that precede and proceed it, this short section does not include a post-section test. The test at the end of the Integration Management module incorporates the materials of this mini-module.

Project Integration Management

Module 4, Integration Management, corresponds to chapter 4 in the PMBOK Guide and includes Project Plan Development, Execution, and Overall Change Control.   

Project Stakeholder Management

Unit five aligns with chapter 13 of the PMBOK Guide. While this knowledge area is the last knowledge area covered in the PMI publication, your instructor will bring it into the lesson here, before Scope Management because of the interrelation between stakeholders and all other aspects of project management.  

Project Scope Management 

Part 6 is the counterpart to chapter 5 in the PMBOK Guide and covers the project management processes required to define and control what is and is not included in a project. 

Project Schedule Management

Module 7 correlates with chapter 6 in the PMBOK Guide and covers the 6 PM processes of Project Schedule Management and the ITTOs for each process. 

Project Cost Management

Section 8 follows chapter 7 and guides students through the three planning processes and one M&C process included in Project Cost Management. 

Project Quality Management  

The 9th module squares with PMBOK chapter 8, and digs into the concepts, processes, and tools required to plan, manage, and control project quality.

Project Resource Management 

The 10th segment parallels chapter 9 and delves into all aspects of acquiring, developing, managing, and controlling resources, including human resources. 

Project Communication Management 

Part 11 dovetails with chapter 10 and provides an in-depth study of the model and methods of project communication, the Communications Channel Formula, and the ITTOs of planning, managing, and monitoring project communications.  

Project Risk Management 

Unit 12 covers the Project Risk Management Processes to identify, assess, and manage project risks. This module pairs with and expands on chapter 11 of the PMBOK Guide. 

Procurement Management 

This is the final unit of the course, and corresponds with chapter 12 of the PMBOK Guide, and surveys the topic of project procurement management, including planning, conducting, and managing procurements. 

PMP Course Bonuses  

No matter what you may read, the truth is that there is no single silver bullet when it comes to PMP exam readiness. Most students need 3-6 weeks of study before they’re ready to sit for the exam. What’s true of most, of course, isn’t true for all: some applicants will fall onto either side of that average, and a full 50% will never sit for the exam at all. 

Application assistance  

To sit for the PMP Exam, you’ll need to complete an online application with PMI. This application requires a detailed history of your relevant work experience and education to ensure you qualify for the exam. 

If you have questions about the PMP exam application or need guidance to help complete it, your boot camp enrollment includes application assistance. This service is available at any time for students of the Project Management Excellence Center with questions about the application or who need guidance while completing it. 

Readiness Roadmap

As part of your PMP Training Boot Camp, you’ll create your personal PMP exam prep and testing plan that maps out the rest of your test prep, application, and test scheduling. 

  • You’ll also receive a personalized assessment and readiness plan from your instructor during a one on one session following your practice exam. 
  • Your readiness assessment will provide next steps based on your progression through the course. It identifies the knowledge areas where you may need to focus additional study time before sitting for the exam and includes targeted suggestions and resources. 

Post-class Support

After your boot camp ends, we’ll provide ongoing support to ensure you have everything you need to pass the PMP exam, including access to an available instructor for further instruction and readiness assessment. 

Additional Study Resources: 

  • Pre-Class Study Guide
  • Complete Course Materials 
  • Advanced Reading Materials
  • Study Aids
  • Reference Charts 
  • Online PMP Certification Simulator
  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • In-Class Exercises
  • Project Management Matrix

One Last Note…

We stand behind our course and methodology. We want you to take the PMP certification exam with the confidence and assurance that your investment in our PMP Boot Camp has paid off. Deciding to enroll in a 4-Day PMP Exam Training isn’t a decision you should make without having all of the information.If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, send us an email or give us a call. Our team is always happy to answer questions or provide additional information, whether you’re a student of ours or not.Or, take a look at the PMP FAQ’s page for more details and course dates.