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Skills necessary for project management such as motivating to provide encouragement; listening actively; persuading a team to perform an action; and summarizing, recapping, and identifying next steps are known as:

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While processes in the Planning Process Group seek to collect feedback and define project documents to guide project work, organizational procedures dictate when the project planning:

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Power, urgency, and legitimacy are attributes of which stakeholder classification model?

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A stakeholder expresses a need not known to the project manager. The project manager most likely missed a step in which stakeholder management process?

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A stakeholder expresses a need not known to the project manager. The project manager most likely missed a step in which stakeholder management process?

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Which quality tool may prove useful in understanding and estimating the cost of quality in a process?

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The purpose of the Project Communications Management Knowledge Area is to:

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Which output of Project Cost Management consists of quantitative assessments of the probable costs required to complete project work?

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Job satisfaction, challenging work, and sufficient financial compensation are values related to which interpersonal skill?

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The degree of uncertainty an entity is willing to take on in anticipation of a reward is known as its risk:

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The component of the human resource management plan that includes ways in which team members can obtain certifications that support their ability to benefit the project is known as:

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At the completion of a project, a report is prepared that details the outcome of the research conducted on a global trend during the project. Which item did this project create?

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Which tools or techniques are used during the Close Project or Phase process?

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Which tool or technique used in the Control Procurements process can be conducted during the execution of the project to verify compliance with deliverables?

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An output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process is:

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The process of monitoring the status of the project and product scope as well as managing the changes to the scope baseline is known as:

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Retreating from an actual or potential conflict or postponing the issue to be better prepared or to be resolved by others describes which of the five general techniques for managing conflict?

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An example of a group decision-making technique is:

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When a project is undertaken to reduce defects in a product or service, the objective of the project is to create a/an:

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The zero duration of milestones in project planning occurs because milestones:

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Processes in the Initiating Process Group may be completed at the organizational level and be outside of the project's:

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Which output is the approved version of the time-phased project budget?

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Through whom do project managers accomplish work?

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Specification of both the deliverables and the processes is the focus of:

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During which process does the project team receive bids and proposals?

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