PMP Certification Value

How Can a PMP Certification Help You?

Are you looking to improve your position in the work place? Do you want a leg up over your competition in the event of a possible promotion? Many project managers with years of experience are finding it increasingly difficult to find a job where they feel their skill set is being adequately used. They find that seemingly less qualified project leaders with half their time investment are being chosen for higher paying jobs and greater benefits. If this sounds familiar, perhaps you could use a PMP certification.

Having a PMP certification is an excellent way to prove to employers that you are thoroughly experienced and dedicated to your occupation. While this might seem like another unnecessary hurdle to jump through to many long time project managers, it is becoming increasingly important as time goes by. Many large businesses will outright refuse to give a resume without a PMP certification listing a second glance. If you’re looking to compete for the best position your qualifications can afford you, perhaps a certification can help get you there.

How can you best prepare for the certification test? Different people learn through different methods, but most find that PMP Certification classes that cover every part of the exam are the most helpful. For example, our PMP Boot Camp Course offers the following helpful aspects:

• PMP Certification Exam Prep Study Book• Pre-course Quick Reference Guide• On-line PMP® Exam Simulator• Over 600+ Practice PMP® Questions• 100% PMP® Exam Pass Guarantee• Critical Exam Taking Techniques• Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Provided• In Class Exercises and Accelerated Learning Techniques• PMP® Eligibility Application Support• PMI Approved 36 Contact HoursIf you’re still hoping to advance your position in the office, we can teach you everything you need to know. As for those who have managed to become PMP certified, have you seen an improvement in occupational fulfillment? If so, how has being PMP certified helped?